Full Throttle Boxing is creating a boxing format that is 100% skill based, win or lose, it is up to the fighter how far they go and what they earn. Professional boxers should contact us today to receive transparent, detailed information.

Since I was a boy of five or six, I had it in my mind I would be a world boxing champion. – Joe Frazier

  • Boxers are paid for what they do in the ring not who they are or how many mis-matched fights they may have won.
  • All the payouts to the boxers are designed to incentivize — each and every round is a new payday.
  • FTB puts social media in play to create more fan participation than any other combat sports league. Boxing fans will influence the sport, such as helping determine which boxers face-off in initial bouts.
  • Each live event is focused on determining one winner of the night, in a Tournament style competition. Eight fighters will begin the boxing event and only one per weight class will emerge victorious.
  • Even if a boxer that loses one event, he can jump right back in on the next round of events and fight as far as his skill and determination will take him.
  • Every round matters! A boxer can win the first two rounds and lose in the third, but still walk away with a respectable payday.
  • With knockout bonuses, even more incentive is placed on both boxers fighting 100% in the ring. A progressive payout will be implemented that pays a fighter a monstrous bonus if they are able to do three knockouts in one event.