Full Throttle Boxing is lead by a deeply experienced business team who
is invested in breathing new life into the sweet science of boxing.

Don House (“House) as he is known in the boxing and MMA world, is the creator of the Full Throttle Boxing program. House was frustrated and saddened by the decline in the number of exciting boxing matches, as well as seeing so many promising fighters sidelined by the system that incentivizes mis-matched fights and padded records. He wanted to bring back the excitement of professional boxing, by integrating the fans love of reality programming with a skill-based system that rewarded success and not personality. House integrated, for the first time, what almost every professional sport benefits from, a brand and, a season! He realized that professional boxing had suffered from not having the continuity and predictability that a season brings. He saw what UFC® did by introducing itself as the brand of the sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). House has personally trained, groomed and help create more than 12 world champion boxers, along with numerous others that were hoping to receive that honor. Within the boxing world, House is known for his deep knowledge of the skills, attitudes and training that are required to even have a shot in the traditional sport of boxing.

Robert has started and successfully run several entrepreneurial ventures, as well a time in the wireless telecom arena. At an early age, he had total budgetary, G&A and operational experience running 5 different cellular markets. Robert started what turned into a nationwide wireless provider that had operations in 42 states. As a result of the growth, Robert managed the company as it went public. Robert was the CEO and Chairman until the company ultimately was sold to a larger provider 12 years later. Robert brings to Full Throttle Boxing the experience of planning and running a widespread and highly regulated company, Robert is responsible for the development and implementation of all the business aspects behind FTB . [email protected]

John FeistProducer
In 1999, Mr. Feist signed on with Mark Burnett to launch a revolutionary new style of television entertainment called “Survivor”. He has spent many years since that successful launch delivering nationally televised events and shows, as well as new styles of advertising and brand integration. An extreme adventure buff and wildlife filmmaker, Mr Feist is excited to re-launch boxing for today’s audience and entertainment tastes.
Marty CorwinLive Event Producer
Former Executive Producer for Top Rank Boxing on Showtime, HBO and Univision. 35+ years experience running the live production, producing network ready sports and entertainment events, Typically produces content with 8+ cameras utilizing  HD, 4K, VR/AR technologies. Responsible for all camera/angle choices, graphic insertions, and coordination of between fight interviews and custom videos.
Thomas BondCTO
Tom has 25+ years of experience in real-time network systems applications, image processing applications, AR applications, automation systems and quality control monitoring systems. Tom will leverage his past endeavors to make full throttle boxing a fun, secure, reliable and visually pleasing experience.
Alan LarsonCOO
Alan has 25+ years in high-tech as a senior executive with leading US independent software and hardware producers, with deep roots in IT, industrial engineering and logistics. He has20+ years of international experience in software and data management, airlines and transportation, and media distribution. He also served as a senior executive experience managing offices and working with customers in Latin America and EMEA.
Susanne RichardEVP of Business Affairs
Susanne has 25+ years experience ranging from scientific to senior executive roles in oil and gas, healthcare, hi-tech and media distribution.  She has participated within angel groups for over 20+ years, where she has provided management, business development, and sales and marketing strategies to numerous early-stage companies.  Susanne will utilize these experiences to acquire and foster a full range of Full Throttle Boxing partnerships.
Joshua GottesmanCFO
Mr. Gottesman brings his 30 years of experience across retail, banking, medical, promotional products and venue management to support the success of FTB.
Jim McCannonBoxing Operations Manager
Former Boxing Operations Manager for Top Rank Boxing..15 years of experience directing all aspects related to all events, including fighters (travel, equipment, drug testing, licensing compliance, etc.),Security, Arena setup, Ring Placement.
Burt WatsonLive Events Coordinator
With over 30 years in the boxing and MMA worlds, Mr. Watson has a breadth of knowledge that is unparalleled in combat sports. Early on he was a business manager for Joe Frazier and has never stopped growing in the business he loves. Burt has organized championship fights and boxing events for ESPN, Showtime, HBO, CBS and ABC.

Full Throttle Boxing is seeking investors and professional boxers. As you can see from the calibre of people involved in this project, we are experienced, well connected, and serious about revitalizing success for the sport of boxing. Contact us for more information on our plans and how you could become involved in the future of boxing.