Boxing has become a victim of its own history and greed. Managers and Promoters are paid when their boxer gets paid, so the business incentive is to control competition unnaturally. In other words, the business of boxing has become about win/loss records, and the decline of well-matched fights.

Boxing matches are usually arranged by Managers who are agreeing to let their fighter participate, either as a ‘sure win’ or as a simple ‘pay day’. When the strategy is about padding records or paydays, sports fans end up experiencing vanilla events. Today’s sports fans are far too savvy about the business world to be fooled by manufactured matchups.

Other boxing events are often a complete mis-match. When Mayweather fought Berto, Mayweather was as much as 200:1 favorite. That is not a setup for a fight to excite the fans of sport, but rather for a payday and a pad to Mayweather’s record.

The presentation of the sport of boxing has changed very little in the last 100 years, but fans tastes and sophistication have changed remarkably creating the opportunity for FTB to capitalize on the dramatic growth in OTT opportunities, and implement the audience lessons learned from hit shows like American Idol, The Voice, and the like.

Boxing fans want to see warriors go to battle, incentivised to showcase their unique skill and athleticism. FTB fighters will be paid well for their sporting performance NOT their brand name.

Enter Full Throttle Boxing as the new way to make boxing an exciting sport to participate in and watch once again. As Roy Jones Junior told us after seeing the FTB platform “You will own boxing”.

Boxing is not about your feelings. It’s about performance. — Manny Pacquiao

Professional Combat Sports Production via Pay-Per-View Live Streams

  • FTB has engaged John Feist the Producer for the first 6 seasons of Survivor to be responsible for the creation of the look and feel of the events for live streaming to capitalize on the fans love of reality events.
  • All commentary during the fight, interviews during the event, color commentary, etc. will be broadcast in English and Spanish.
  • All websites, blogs, press releases, social media, videos etc. will also be produced in both English and Spanish.
  • All of the streaming video content will be streamed in HD quality and upgraded to 4K as soon as it is more widely available in the marketplace.
  • The production quality of the streaming broadcast will be equal to if not better than ESPN or any network sports event. The FTB broadcast equipment will provide full HD streaming, slow motion, instant replay, complex graphics etc.
  • Each event will have 6-8 cameramen depending on the configuration of the venue.

For more detailed, transparent information on becoming an investor or professional boxer with Full Throttle Boxing contact us today.