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Our electrifying tournament format brings together the most talented and determined fighters, where victory is earned through sheer skill and unwavering dedication. With every round, the intensity rises, as fighters battle it out for their chance to emerge as the ultimate champion in their weight class. If you’re a professional boxer ready to push your limits and showcase your abilities, seize this opportunity and join us today. Contact us to reserve your place in the next season and embark on a thrilling journey towards boxing greatness.

The Pursuit of Glory Begins Here

At Full Throttle Boxing, we believe in rewarding fighters for their actions inside the ring, not for their reputation or past victories. Our unique tournament format guarantees that every round is a new opportunity to showcase your abilities and earn a generous payday. In this thrilling single-elimination style competition, eight elite fighters, all within the same weight class, will enter the ring, but only one will emerge as the ultimate champion.

A Round-by-Round Battle for Unforgettable Triumph

In the Full Throttle Boxing tournament, purses are earned round by round, creating an atmosphere of constant excitement and motivation. As a round winner, you will claim a staggering 80% of the total purse, while the remaining 20% goes to the valiant competitor who fought alongside you. With each passing round, the stakes increase, as the purses are doubled from the initial round to the semi-finals and then doubled again for the electrifying final roun

Perseverance Fuels Redemption and Second Chances

We understand that victory is not solely defined by one event. Even if you face a setback, you can bounce back in the next season, fueled by your skill and determination to fight for as long as it takes. Full Throttle Boxing embraces the warrior spirit within each boxer, offering endless opportunities to prove yourself in the ring. Remember, every round matters – even if you win the first two and stumble in the third, you’ll still walk away with a well-deserved payday.

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Knockout Bonuses: Unleashing the Full Throttle Spirit

To ignite the fire within our competitors, Full Throttle Boxing introduces knockout bonuses that add an extra layer of incentive to fight at 100% intensity, known as Full Throttle. Each knockout contributes to a bonus pool, which grows with every successful knockout. The progressive bonus will only be paid when a fighter achieves three knockouts in a single event, crowning them as the true embodiment of skill, power, and determination.

Embrace Your Destiny at the 10-Round Finale in Las Vegas

The ultimate culmination of the Full Throttle Boxing season awaits you. The winner of each weight class tournament secures the right to fight for the esteemed position of season champion in a thrilling 10-round finale held in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. This is your opportunity to etch your name in boxing history, leaving a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.

Write Your Legacy with Full Throttle Boxing

Joe Frazier once said, “Since I was a boy of five or six, I had it in my mind I would be a world boxing champion.” Now, it’s your turn to transform childhood dreams into reality. Full Throttle Boxing is the platform where true champions are forged, where skill reigns supreme, and where you have the chance to seize your destiny.  

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