Full Throttle Boxing: The Ultimate Tournament Experience


Unleashing the Tournament Challenges

Full Boxing

Experience the exhilaration of Full Throttle Boxing’s groundbreaking tournament challenges. Our dynamic platform brings together four weight classes in a series of high-stakes events designed to push fighters to their limits. Here’s how it works:

Crown the Victors, Repeat the Cycle

In the pursuit of excellence, Full Throttle Boxing believes in pushing the boundaries of sporting achievement. At the end of each two-month cycle, we crown a deserving winner in each weight class, resulting in a total of two champions per class over the four-month period. But the quest for glory doesn’t stop there.

We are committed to maintaining the momentum and excitement by repeating the event tournament cycle. With unwavering dedication, we ensure that the thrill of competition remains unabated, with one boxing event every two weeks.

Prepare yourself for a relentless onslaught of electrifying bouts as the second cycle reaches its climax, producing another set of formidable champions for each of the four weight classes.

The Road to Championship Glory

Witness the Ultimate Clash in the City of Champions

At Full Throttle Boxing, we understand that the pursuit of championship glory is a journey paved with sweat, sacrifice, and unyielding determination. After completing both tournament cycles, the stage is set for an epic showdown that will reverberate throughout the boxing world.

The winning eight fighters from each weight class will converge in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, the beating heart of boxing, to vie for the prestigious Championship of their respective divisions. In this thrilling nine-round spectacle, these remarkable athletes will demonstrate their extraordinary skill and unrelenting passion, captivating the audience with every punch, dodge, and strategic maneuver.

As a testament to our commitment to fair compensation, we ensure that each boxer is rewarded in the same 80%/20% purse ratio for every round, acknowledging their unwavering dedication and showcasing the value we place on their exceptional performances.

Full Throttle Boxing 13

Super Champions Unite: The Ultimate Battle

Ful throttle boxing fight 5

As the first year of Full Throttle Boxing’s exhilarating events reaches its climax, we raise the stakes even higher. Prepare for the grand culmination, where the “champions of the champions” will gather in Las Vegas for the highly anticipated super championship event.

This electrifying showdown will feature the eight super champions, the true titans of their respective weight classes, who have emerged victorious from a pool of thirty-two extraordinary boxers.

In this ultimate battle of skill, resilience, and unwavering spirit, the crowd will witness a display of boxing prowess that transcends all expectations. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring spectacle that will etch itself into the annals of boxing history and crown the undisputed super champions.

Embrace the Spirit of Boxing

At Full Throttle Boxing, we are dedicated to preserving the essence of the sport. Join us as we celebrate the rich heritage of boxing:

Prepare to enter the battleground of Full Throttle Boxing, where true gladiators rise. Our season of relentless competition is forged in the crucible of pure skill, pitting tournament winners against their equals in the same weight class. Boundaries are shattered as fighters unleash their unrivaled talent and unwavering resolve. Prove your mettle in the ring and reserve your place in the next season. The call to action is now—let the battle begin!
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