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For the first time in history, professional boxing has a season. Four different champions in four weight classes are crowned in the season finale. Eight single elimination tournaments in four months, with two tournaments for each of the four weight classes. 

Each tournament begins with eight fighters within the same weight class, and it is the fans will decide who fights who in the opening round of the tournament.  Each tournament has one winner. The winner has to beat three different fighters in three round fights, all within one night of intense arena competition. 

The winner of each tournament then meets the winner of the same weight class of the second tournament within that season.  Those tournament winners, in turn,  battle in Las Vegas in a ten round fight for a total purse of $1,000,000 per fight.


Never before has boxing had a season like other competitive sports. The boxers are limited only by their skill and absolute determination to win.No promotors nor managers decide who fights who.  Rather, it is solely skill and drive that determines the boxer’s ultimate success.  Unlike traditional fights, the purse for each fight is earned round by round.  The winner of a round earns 80% of that round’s purse, and the loser of that round earns 20%.


The $1,000,000 ten round tournament fight is the culmination of the best of the 16 fighters in each weight class. They all face off in Las Vegas.  $1,000,000 purse is the total purse for ‘each’ fight. The boxers earn their part of that purse round by round.  Each round has $100,000 available, and the winner of each round earns 80%, or $80,000 for that round and the loser earns $20,000.  To make sure that the boxers go ‘full throttle” from the opening and until a winner is declared, the winning boxer receives 100% of all the remaining purses for the rounds that are not fought, due to a KO, or TKO.  These fights go  toe to toe action for the entire fight, ensuring the fans truly see boxing in a way as never before.

Unveiling a New Era of Sporting Integrity

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The tournaments leading up to the championship fights in Las Vegas are single elimination tournaments. 

As the winners progress to the next level, the purse per fight is doubled, and then doubled again for the final fight of the event.  The scoring per round is in real time, so the boxers know exactly where they stand and what they must do to win that fight.  Think of the excitement, for example, if a boxer has lost the first two rounds, he will have to fight for a knockout in the third round, to win that fight.  The fans will know the scores as well as the competitors. 



Every time in the event that a knockout occurs, two things happen. First, the boxer who knocked out his opponent receives an additional bonus. And second, $25,000 is added to the progressive knockout amount.  The progressive knockout bonus continues to increase by $25,000 per knockout until a boxer is able to knockout all three opponents in one tournament.

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Gone are the fights where boxers coast through and give the fans a boring event.  There simply is no time during a fight to slack off.  The risk to the fighter is that an aggressive opponent wins the fight early.  Also, the incentive for the boxers in the first two rounds of the tournament is to knock out their opponent early, so that they are less battered as they prepare for the next fight that night.  Full Throttle Boxing is designed to give the boxers the incentives to fight hard and fast, providing the fans with fights that will live on in their memory.


The boxers are chosen in each weight class to make sure that the Boxing Commission(s) will approve the tournament, where any of the eight competitors may fight anyone that night.  Making sure that no one fighter is favored in the tournament, the eight boxers have no idea until weigh-in who they will be fighting in the first round the following night.  Again, the matchups in the first round of the tournament are  not decided by any negotiations with managers – nor anyone else.  The fans decide!

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The Full Throttle Boxing concept was created by Don House (HOUSE).  He has trained over 12 world champions in boxing alone and another group of champions in the UFC world.  House was an amateur boxer with a record of 73/3 with 40 knockouts.  He has patents for the gloves used by the UFC and much more.  Anyone involved in Boxing or UFC knows of House.


Professional boxers should contact us today to reserve their place in the next season.

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