Benjamin VS David Match

ful throttle boxing fight (2)

Boxing matches are held in the ring. The ring is a square area surrounded by three or four rows of ropes and with a minimum height of 91 cm and a maximum of 122 cm from the ground. Rope spacing should be at least 40 cm. The ring has red, blue and neutral white corners. Athletes come to the ring from the corner they belong to, and the referee and doctor from the white corner near the jury table.

The size of the ring is 5-6 m² in professional boxing, and at least 3-6 m² in amateur boxing. In boxing matches, both boxers must be in the same weight (weight range).

Boxing is a difficult and very tiring sport. Boxers prepare for the match by training. The training includes training with another boxer as well as other activities such as shadow boxing, punching bag training, jumping rope, and running for conditioning.

Posture is very important in boxing. Because a boxer’s attack and defense power and speed depend on his balance and being ready for action at any moment. The boxer’s posture should be relaxed. In good posture, the right foot should be slightly extended to the right, creating a balance with the left foot slightly in front. The tips of both feet should point slightly to the right. Thus, only the left side of the body is kept open to the opponent. The slightly clenched left fist should be slightly forward and at chin level. The right arm is also held at the level of the chin, but about 15 cm in front of the chin. The elbows of both arms should be pulled inward to protect the body. Keeping the body slightly tilted forward makes it easier to dodge back without losing balance in the face of the opponent’s punch.

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